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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Cool Stuff: Go to an Old-Fashioned Country Fair

If you would like to see one of the best agricultural fairs in Maine, be sure to mark August 19th through 25th on your calender for the Union Fair/Maine Wild Blueberry Festival.

First held in 1869 as a harvest festival where local farm families could compete in agricultural events and display their livestock, field crops, agricultural implements, dairy products, fruits and homemade crafts such as quilts, embroidery and rugs -- most people traveled to the fair with a horse and wagon, while some came via the Georges Valley Railroad for a fare of 40 cents.

The modern version of this fair (where people arrive by horseless carriage) has managed to retain its strong agricultural flavor, which still has all the above activities, but over the years has added many exciting features. Some of these not-to-be-missed events include:

* pig scrambles
* daily harness horse racing
* oxen pulling contest
* watermelon seed spitting contest
* rooster crowing & hen cackling
* wild blueberry pie eating contest
* demolition derby
* tractor pulling
* many midway/carnival rides
* bubblegum blowing contest
* real country battle of the bands
* all you can eat pancake contest

There's much, much more to see and do at this fair... for more details go to: